The Technical Recruiter will be responsible for position matching through in-depth analysis of job skills and qualifications to determine which candidates to source interview and hire.

The selected candidate will identify the client's business and cultural nuances, as well as define the position, its functions, challenges, selling points, and viability. Uncover the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities of the ideal candidate.

  • Assist with the design of a sourcing strategy to uncover both passive and active candidates through existing and new sources in order to maintain an effective pool of candidates. Utilize electronic process in recruiting and placement to maximize efficiency and time saving

  • Assist with the management of job postings for new business and recruiting sources.

  • Coordinate with business development team and account managers to ensure quality delivery to client's requisitions

  • Target the most qualified candidates within the technical discipline and screen resumes to identify potential matches

  • Present opportunity to candidate and conduct in-depth interview to determine suitability and interest of candidate. Identify, evaluate, and summarize relevant technical experience, knowledge, hard and soft skills, and abilities in relation to job requirements.

  • Schedule candidate for in-depth internal technical fit to role evaluation

  • Negotiate labor rate, resolve possible candidate concerns, obtain candidate commitment for the position and set expectations

  • Validate candidate legal employment status. Draft client letters and other necessary documents related to H1B transfers, when necessary

  • Submit qualified candidates and respond to client concerns

  • Verify candidate references, initiate background check

  • Facilitate the candidate/client interview, and prepare the candidate for the interview

  • Debrief with the candidate and client after the interview, responding to any concerns or

  • Assist with building the in-house staffing resource database


  • Previous experience as a technical recruiter in a high volume, fast-paced environment

  • Flexibility to take on more responsibilities as needed, and devote time necessary to complete deadlines

  • Ability to prioritize, multi-task, manage complex workload and handle pressure

  • Must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Ability to develop and manage relationships with candidates

  • Experience in all sourcing techniques including job boards, ad response, Internet search engines, networking, referrals, headhunting and cold calling

  • Ability to research technology / skill sets to the extent needed for initially qualifying a profile

  • Must have excellent skills in alternate sourcing channels other than online job posting


  • 5 years experience

  • Willingness to continuously learn new IT trends and be able to support sourcing of emerging technologies

  • Bachelor's degree (preferably in Information Technology)

  • Excellent communication skills

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