SKML brings expertise in deploying comprehensive distribution and order fulfillment solutions using SAP software. Whether the client is deploying an IPC (Inbound Processing Center) or a DC (Distribution Center) we have assisted them in developing end-to-end solutions that efficiently manage material flows and storage requirements, and perform additional value-added services to satisfy virtually any client need.


Our SAP experts have assisted customers in reducing current distribution center operating costs, providing an improved competitive advantage in the distribution channel and creating overall positive impact to the bottom-line. Some of the key distribution center management functions and activities designed, developed and deployed using SAP technologies by SKML consultants include:


Warehousing & Packaging

Primary activities performed in a warehouse include receiving and inspecting vendor items, packaging and labeling for sale to customers, storing items for future customer orders (put-away), picking, deconsolidation, replenishment, packing and making customer orders ready for shipment via preferred carriers.



A key warehouse management function helps clients reduce overall inventory investment and expensive storage space requirements through cross-docking operations, which involve redirecting certain selected incoming shipments so they may be sorted, packed, and shipped to their final destination with minimal handling in the distribution center.


Quality Assurance

Have helped develop and implement some of the best quality standards in the logistics business based upon its comprehensive quality inspection programs developed in conjunction with our clients and their demanding customer service requirements.


SKML’s SAP SCM capabilities

SKML team has experience deploying Supply Chain Warehouse Management solutions using SAP technologies from blue-printing to 24x7 support using follow-the sun model. Our global delivery model allows us to enable cost effective solutions using SAP professionals in our Development Center in India.

SKML consultants have developed innovative solutions for many complex warehouse activities including:

  • Cartonization,
  • Voice activated picking,
  • Integration with third-party shipping system,
  • Integrating RF guns,
  • Label printing solutions.

Using the SAP recommended AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) methodology we have successfully developed Blueprints, FRD’s, Technical Specifications and high performance code. To learn more or engage SKML please call (630)701-9867 and connect with our Sales team or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


 SAP Case Studies

Motorcycle Manufacturer

Innovative design improves productivity and accuracy

Motorcycle Manufacturer

SAP solution improves bottomline

Third Party Logistics Services

Innovative design delivers results


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