The growing demand for engaging and interactive web experiences has triggered the rise of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). RIAs can be defined as software applications that combine the user interface and functionality of a desktop application with interactivity and low-cost deployment of web-based applications. Compared with standard HTML applications, RIAs are more engaging and provide an unmatched user experience.

At SKML we work with all the latest RIA Technologies including:

· Adobe Flex & Flash
· Ruby on Rails
· Silverlight
· WebORB
· FluorineFX

- JQuery

· Zend Framework
· Flash Media Server
· RED5
· SQLite
· Flex Chart



    Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Development Services


    Our experienced developers provide you with excellent web based software development, solution architecture using the right combination of technologies, and post implementation support. We deliver a full range of RIA development services that fulfill your core business requirements and keep you ahead in the competitive market. Working with reputed clientele for over a decade, we have streamlined processes and polished capabilities to serve you with highly instinctive and customized applications.

    If you are looking for scalable and engaging rich internet applications development services, visit our contact page



    • Rich User Experience
    • Quick Response
    • Cross-Browser Compatibility
    • Visually Rich Interface
    • Insightful Interaction
    • Customizable and tailored application delivery


    RIA Technologies Enable

    • Interactive Applications - Applications developed with RIA technologies and approach are engaging and provide users an interactive web experience.
    • Impressive Presentation -It portrays your organization as one that uses the latest technologies for web presentation.
    • Video -By using both audio and video, a RIA approach enables higher audience interaction.



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