A considerable number of customers are currently running older versions of IBM, Oracle, SAP or Microsoft technologies and so are unable to benefit from the enhancements and features of the latest versions. Additionally with the advent of cloud computing and maturity of open source technologies, customers have strongly considered migrating to them. 

SKML’s consultants have strong experience in migrations and upgrades in IBM, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft technologies, as well as migration to open source or public cloud technologies. 

The SKML Migration & Upgrade Approach
SKML’s frameworks, templates and migration roadmap enhance the approach to address customization, security and cutover risk. Our trained consultants can assist with some or all of the phases of a migration or upgrade:

  • Planning & Evaluation
  • Execution
    • Blueprint
    • Realization
    • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Post-Production Support

Combining talented consultants specifically trained and certified with the company's existing consultants, our solution provides the best overall economics, optimizing resources, lowering overall risk and providing a balanced cost structure. Our expertise and guidance will help you to make intelligent decisions on customization, internal resources and technology so that we ensure the upgrade is executed successfully.

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