SAP High Performance Analytics Appliance (HANA) Consulting

In today’s highly-competitive business climate, immediate access to, and effective analysis of business data can mean the difference between success and failure for an organization. Leading businesses have overcome the challenges of the new economy by not only improving information access, but also using the information to their advantage by acting quickly, seizing opportunities and focusing on business value.

Introducing SAP HANA

SAP HANA is the next generation of SAP’s in-memory computing technology. SAP HANA is a multi-purpose, data source agnostic, in-memory appliance that combines SAP software components optimized on proven and certified partner vendor’s hardware.

SAP HANA gives you the business users, power to instantly access, model and analyze their transactional and analytical data in real time from virtually any data source – and in a single environment, without affecting existing applications or systems. Dramatically improving your planning, forecasting, optimization, and processes while reducing TCO with less hardware, maintenance, and testing.

SAP HANA includes

  • A high performance in-memory computing engine and a powerful data calculation engine.
  • Real-time replication service to access and replicate data from SAP ERP.
  • Data integration services to access and index information from virtually any data source.
  • A data repository to persist views of business information.
  • Highly-tuned integration with SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions for insight and analytics.
  • SQL and MDX interfaces for third-party application access.
  • A unified information modeling and design environment.

How can SKML Help?

Organizations today are struggling to keep up: more data, more decisions, and increased pressure to deliver value faster. With the amount of digital data increasing tenfold every five years, large, complex, global organizations need solutions to help manage their business. Together, we can enable the analysis of this extensive amount of data and empower your organization to make real-time decisions based on accurate information.

We offer the following SAP HANA services

  • Training Services through SKML University offered On –client site or In SKML’s office
  • Rapid deployment solutions:
    • Discovery and assessment services to maximize business impact.
    • Proof of concept services.
    • Express deployment offerings, including vertical based best practices and accelerators
  • Development and Migration Services for new applications or existing analytical applications

What SAP HANA Means for You?

• Real-time decision-making by bringing all the data in your enterprise within the reach of decision-makers in seconds, not weeks or months, in an easy-to-understand and user friendly format so your company can run smarter and faster, and perform better.
• Enables innovative new applications, combining high volume transactions with analytics, to dramatically improve existing planning, forecasting, pricing optimization and other processes.
• Accelerate business performance while reducing TCO via less hardware, maintenance and testing.

How can you get started?

Please sign up for a free one day SAP HANA introduction and assessment program offered by us. Alternatively please contact SKML Technologies Sales.

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