The financial services industry is facing major challenges these days. Trends significantly affecting the business model today include long-term interest rates continuing at historic lows, pending and potential regulatory changes, and globalization. At the same time, for those institutions with the means, opportunities abound.
In response, many companies are reevaluating their business models and application infrastructure. There is a greater need for readily accessible, reliable information to support timely decisions. The volume of available data continues to grow by leaps and bounds, paradoxically making it that much more difficult to find the information you need and to have confidence in it.
This is where SKML can help. The key issue is having access to the right information when you need it, which is at the core of our information management philosophy. We work with our clients to determine the business need and payback from improvements in information quality and access. We can help you establish the sustainable information architecture you need to support a more agile business model that enables operational improvements and positions your organization to move on opportunities that can surface and disappear quickly  in today’s financial services environment.
SKML has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of enterprise information management (EIM), which will establish the sustainable information management environment your organization needs to succeed. This includes data strategy, implementation roadmaps, data architecture, data governance, data quality, and expertise with the technologies needed to support critical enterprise initiatives such as Business Intelligence (BI) / Analytics, Data Warehousing, Master Data Management (MDM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or a migration to a new operational system.

Financial Services Case Studies:


Major Regional Bank Financial Services Company    


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