One certainty on the current healthcare industry landscape is change: changing business models (e.g., individual vs. group), the demand from different stakeholders for tracking of healthcare outcomes, impending regulatory changes, court rulings, acquisition opportunities for some and the threat of acquisition for others. New business opportunities are opening up and some older markets may not exist much longer. 
This is all driving the need for an agile business model, based on speedy access to reliable information in order to hasten time to market and take advantage of fleeting opportunities. An effective Information Management environment enables access and sharing of quality information and helps position the organization for the opportunities and rapid changes that are now the norm.
SKML has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of enterprise information management (EIM), which will establish the sustainable information management environment your organization needs to succeed. This includes data strategy, implementation roadmaps, data architecture, data governance, data quality, and expertise with the technologies needed to support critical enterprise initiatives such as Business Intelligence (BI) / Analytics, Data Warehousing, Master Data Management (MDM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or a migration to a new operational system.


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